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Greater Albuquerque's Rio Grande & Sierra Blanca Brewery is ready and willing to offer you a complete range of specialty microbrew craft beers.

We have blended eight different types of barley to create this amber ale.  It appeals to the largest segment of craft beer drinkers who enjoy a smooth, malty ale with no hop bitterness. 
IBU – 15         ORIGINAL GRAVITY – 1.048         ABV – 5.2%

This medium bodied, smooth brew is hand crafted with barley, white wheat, red wheat and Czech Noble hops. It has a blend of sweet orange and curacao orange peel and finishes with zesty coriander. So get ready to have your taste buds abducted!
IBU – 12         ORIGINAL GRAVITY - 1.044         ABV - 4.6%

This is a true American Pale Ale; well balanced malt to hop flavor. There is a slight caramel flavor up front derived from German Munich malts, followed by a citrus/grapefruit flavor derived from Cascade hops with a peppery flavor bite on the back of the throat.
IBU – 45         ORIGINAL GRAVITY – 1.052         ABV – 6.0%

This Nut Brown is brewed with English Ale yeast.  In English tradition, we use only English Fuggle hops, which are low in bitterness and produce a mild floral hop taste.  The complexity of this Nut Brown is created mainly by the Chocolate and Dark Chocolate malted barley. There is a roasted coffee flavor with hints of chocolate and nutty or nutmeg finish on the back of the tongue.   This Nut Brown has the widest spectrum of flavors of any Nut Brown on the market. Pairs great with steaks and sautés.
2010 to 2011 New Mexico State Fair Winner: Best Overall Ale and a Gold in the Brown category.
In October 2012 – our Nut Brown Ale took the Gold Medal in the English Style Brown Ale Category at the Great American Beer Festival.
IBU – 16         ORIGINAL GRAVITY – 1.048         ABV – 5.0%

Our brown ale took a gold medal at the 2012 GABF and a silver at the 2013 GABF in the English Brown Ale Category.

This unique lager balances a rich caramel malt flavor with a smooth hop finish that keeps the palate crisp.  Reddish-amber in color, this is a very complex California Common style beer with a great malt/hop balance. Silver Medal winner 2012 New Mexico state fair.
IBU – 34         ORIGINAL GRAVITY – 1.048         ABV – 5.2%

A German style pilsner with German yeast, German Noble Hops and 10 percent Durst Pilsner Malt.  This lager is fermented at 55 degrees for one week and lagered (German for stored) for at least two more weeks. The sharp hop bite up front is intended to keep the palette clean; giving the beer high drink ability.  There is no after taste, the finish turns right off.  This is the perfect session beer.  Pairs great with spicy foods.
2010 New Mexico State Fair Winner: Best Overall Lager and a Gold in the Pilsner category
IBU – 37         ORIGINAL GRAVITY – 1.048         ABV – 5.4%

A complex, layered hop mixture makes this a well rounded IPA with strong grapefruit and pine flavors with a hint of pepper.  This beer has great head retention and strong hop aroma. 2010 New Mexico State Fair Winner: Bronze in the IPA category 
IBU – 78         ORIGINAL GRAVITY -1.053         ABV – 5.8%

This beer has an unmistakable roasted chile aroma and flavor without being too hot.  The whole chile is used to infuse the beer with a mild green chile flavor and leaves you with just a hint of heat on the back end.
2012 & 2010 New Mexico State Fair Winner: Gold in the Vegetable/Spice beer category
IBU – 12         ORIGINAL GRAVITY – 1.010         ABV – 4.67%

This beer pours a deep, dark brown with a light tan head. Aroma is malty, roasty with coffee notes and some very light aroma hop. It has a roasted coffee and chocolate taste with a sweet finish.
Silver medal winner 2012 New Mexico state fair.
IBU – 20         ORIGINAL GRAVITY – 1.080         ABV – 8.3%

One great brewery with two great brands! Rich and Suzanne Weber established Sierra Blanca Brewery in 1996 in Carrizozo New Mexico. A need for expansion saw Sierra Blanca Brewing Company relocate to Moriarty, New Mexico in 2007.

Rio Grande Brewery was purchased by Rich and Suzanne Weber in 2007. The Rio Grande beers continue to grow in production every day. The response from our customers has been great and distribution throughout New Mexico is strong. Running with the Rio Grande theme, Rich and Suzanne opened Rio Grande Grill and Tap Room in Ruidoso New Mexico, in December of 2013. All of our great beers are on tap as well as an extensive wine list. The food menu is sure to please the most discernining foodie. Our menu was created by Rich's brother, Chef Keith Weber. You can find great pub fare as well as the best steaks, burgers, seafood and pasta dishes around. Keith keeps the menu fresh and exciting with daily specials.

In October 2013, we followed up our 2012 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal for our brown ale, with a Silver Medal. We are very excited about the new packaging for the Sierra Blanca Bone Chiller Brown Ale and Sun Chaser Pale Ale. Same great liquid!

Thanks for supporting your local brewery! See you soon.


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